Are you ‘appy with your accounting?

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Ever looked at software for your business only to feel intimidated by clunky software lurking on your desktop computer? Does it send you straight to bunging your receipts and invoices in a shoe box and forgetting about them?

Compare that with how easy it is to use apps on your phone. You can check the bus times, check your bank account, find a date, or book flights with a few finger swipes. It’s all really simple. Even better, you can do it wherever you are and don’t need to wait til you’re back at your desk. Isn’t it about time updating your financial records was that easy? Well, now you say it …

So what apps are out there to help with small business accounting?

HMRC have now launched their own app that allows you to log into your personal tax account and will calculate how much tax you are paying through PAYE or via self assessment. In time this will be rolled out for business tax accounts.

Search for HMRC on Google Play story or the Apple store.


Sage offer a range of accounting and bookkeeping software and we work closely with Sage so we can set this up for you, manage it for you or even train you to use it yourself.

Each of the Sage packages includes a mobile app that you can even use to create and send invoices from your phone without having to go back to the office. You can also add expenses and income while on the go, meaning you don’t have to save all your paperwork for the weekend. See here for the Sage Accounts Tracker, they also offer other apps.

Xero offer completely cloud based record keeping and yes, you’ve guessed it, they offer a mobile app too! As with Sage, we can set you up to use the software as part of our bookkeeping package.

Use the app to enter expenses, reconcile, create and send invoices and even look up customer / supplier details from your mobile device. You can also use the XeroMe app to let your employees look up payslips, submit timesheets and apply for leave.


Quickbooks who are another major software supplier that we use with our clients also offer a free mobile app with all their software packages. Use it to allow you to manage finances on the go: check your business finances, send invoices and enter your expenses all from your mobile or tablet .

If you’re not sure which software provider is right for you, most of them offer a free trial of the software so you can give it a test run before you commit.

The really good thing for your business is that if you’re keeping your records up to date more easily, we can use that regular flow of information to help you look after your business better. We can advise you on your cashflow, help you prepare budgets, run your payroll and give you valuable financial insight to help you make the right business decisions.

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