Patrick and Anna run Hunters Recruitment and supply both permanent and temporary staff to businesses across East and West Sussex. They came to Team4 Solutions for help with payroll and invoicing.

What difference has working with Team4 made to your business?

“Working with Team4 is saving our business money as we no longer need a full-time office manager and we now have access to a fully qualified accounts department whenever we need them.”

“We work hard to nurture long term client relationships and we’re proud to have won business awards for our customer service. Bringing Team4 in to help up with credit control has meant that within a year we significantly reduced the amount of time we were spending on credit control and we maintain a professional experience right the way through to invoicing our clients.”

“As well as improving our cashflow this also created more opportunities for customer feedback on the quality of service they’re receiving, thereby building trust and loyalty with our customers.”

“Maybe we do take our business a bit too personally. We treat it like our children. We want what’s best for our candidates and clients, including giving them tough love when they need it and always doing our best for them. That’s why professionalism is so important to us.”

– Patrick O’Donoghue, Hunters Recruitment

What made you decide to outsource your accounts department?

Patrick joined Hunters in 2008 as a trainee. He worked hard and was promoted up through the business and eventually bought the company in May 2009. As you can imagine the middle of the economic downturn was a difficult time to take on a business, but Hunters flourished and continued to grow winning “Team of the Year” at the Adur & Worthing Business Awards in 2016.

Patrick and Anna continue to invest in growing the business and rethinking their accounts department was part of their long term planning for a healthy business.

“By outsourcing the accounts work to trained professionals we get to keep everyone in the office focussed on their jobs. What motivates a recruitment professional is very different to what motivates a finance professional and this way, we’re all skilled for the work we’re doing and can all take pride in it. The result is a professional approach across the board.”

“Hunter’s is a brilliant family business to work with”

– Claire Packham, Director of Team4 Solutions

How do you find working with Team4 Solutions?

 “We have a hotline through to Team4 from the office telephone system so whenever we need to talk we just press the button for the accounts department. It’s almost like having them in the back room and I’ve never once thought ‘I wish I could talk to Diane or Undine in person’.”

“As members of the ICB (the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) we know Team4 are fully qualified and bound by the relevant professional codes of conduct, so we know we can trust them to do the job properly.”

“Our only concern about outsourcing was that it might be too remote and we’d be a little out of touch with these finance processes, but that hasn’t been a problem at all. Team4 slot into place perfectly as part of our team and they’ve built up a great deal of trust with us in a short time.

“It’s almost like having them in the backroom!”

-Patrick O’Donoghue, Hunters Recruitment
Hunters Recruitment team – they insisted on having Claire in the team shot!

Claire, Director of Team4 Solutions, says “Hunters is a brilliant family business to work with. In our experience as bookkeepers, working in partnership and operating as part of their team with our clients produces the best business results. It also means we get to know them really well and enjoy working together.”