Going digital: a business owner’s perspective (2)

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Continuing our series about going digital with your bookkeeping, from a small business owner’s perspective, here’s what Louise says about getting used to entering your records using the new cloud based software. If you  missed the first blog in the series you can read it here.

Step 3: Don’t stress about entering the data wrong!

I want to enter my own records to save money on bookkeeping, but I am worried about making mistakes. In our set-up session, Claire immediately put me at ease. Her approach is friendly and patient and she says we can easily correct any mistakes. I ask her loads of questions and she doesn’t get fed up of answering and explaining. She even gets me to laugh about how I’ve stopped being shy – I once told her I always avoid asking my accountant questions.

I found Sage easy to use. If you’re already used to using online applications for other areas of your business it will feel familiar. Even if you haven’t it is easy to pick up – if you can use apps on your ‘phone, you can do this. We started off entering sales invoices and I got the hang of it in less than 5 minutes. I even had to go back and edit the dates a couple of times – I managed to enter 2018 instead of 2017 on a few – but that was easy to fix.

Then we went onto purchases and expenses. Claire set things up so I can see business purchases made from my personal and my business bank accounts – something I’ve never had before. I’ve always tried to juggle that in my head or with a bag full of receipts. This is so much easier!

Then I started worrying about what happens when I go home and start doing this on my own. Luckily, the training & set-up package with Team4 Solutions includes being able to call with questions throughout the year. Claire can log into the system as my bookkeeper and see exactly what’s happening so I never have to worry about getting it wrong, even after our initial set-up sessions.

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