If you’re running your own company and pouring yourself into it to make it successful, the last thing you want to do is not pay yourself properly! Of course paying your staff and suppliers is critical, but paying yourself enough to live on, as tax efficiently as possible, matters too.

Without accurate and timely financial reporting, paying yourself a Director’s dividend is going to be guesswork about how much your company can afford. We can help by providing a regular profit and loss report so you always have a handle on how much profit is in your business (which will determine how much the business can pay out as a dividend).

Profit and loss reports are also useful for many other decisions you need to make in your business, so if you’re not sure where your business finances are from month to month, why not get in touch to have a chat over coffee and see if we can give you more control over your business finances?

And if we chat and you’re not convinced we can help, we won’t be offended and we won’t hassle you 🙂