How does using a certified bookkeeper help YOUR business?

Published by Louise Winters on

You may have noticed that Team4 Solutions are accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (or ICB) and we proudly display our accreditation logo on our website. Accreditation always seems like a good thing, right? But how does it really benefit you as a client?

Trust me, I’m a finance professional

Clearly, trusting your bookkeeper is important. You wouldn’t see a doctor without believing they are properly qualified to look after you and the same applies to a bookkeeper. This includes both technical training and ethical training, the latter meaning they are trained and committed to looking after your best interests, not their own. And most business owners are similarly ill equipped to judge whether a doctor or a bookkeeper is performing to the best of their abilities.

ICB is a global organisation that sets international standards for bookkeeping qualifications, offers training and accreditation. The syllabus and requirements for ICB qualification are internationally recognised as a benchmark for our profession. So our ICB badge is your trusted recommendation that we’re qualified to do what we do.

Assurance through the ICB

As a bookkeeping practice, we are legally required to have a supervising body in order to supply services to the public. Under the ICB this is our Practice Licence and it must be held be a qualified member and renewed annually. This also ensures we are supervised under the Money Laundering Regulations.

The ICB also encourages Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and requires members to evidence their CPD. So you can be sure that an ICB accredited member hasn’t simply attained a qualification years ago and then not bothered to keep up to date. Members are encouraged to attend regular Branch Meetings, which offer opportunities for professional mentoring and supporting each other to learn about new developments. Our Director, Claire, has been running the East Sussex Branch for 5 years.

Particularly importantly for you, all ICB members, students and employees of ICB Practices must agree to be governed by the ICB Professional Conduct Regulations. These govern all aspects of operating in the role of bookkeeper and they hold truthfulness, care and diligence as the key values of the bookkeeping profession.

Accurate and truthful bookkeeping is so core to the functioning of a business that the ICB stipulates all its certified bookkeepers must have a continuity plan in place, which specifies who will take on their work if anything happens that prevents them from fulfilling their duties.

“Trust in the accounts and books of businesses and individuals is dependent on the bookkeeper’s truthful, careful and diligent making and keeping of records.”

– ICB Professional Conduct Regulations

Keep Calm and Hire an ICB Bookkeeper!

By choosing an ICB bookkeeper, then, you are choosing a qualified professional who is committed to upholding values that protect your business and the wider society, as well as their own integrity and that of the profession as a whole.

And finally, as members of the ICB family, we bookkeepers get to meet up with colleagues from across the UK and get know each other. We can confirm that despite bookkeeping having a reputation for being a dry profession, all the bookkeepers we’ve ever met have a fantastic sense of humour! If it weren’t for being members of the ICB, we might think we were the only ones …