Did you know you are just as likely to fall victim to this awful crime via a fake HMRC email or text as you are via a scam pretending to be your bank?

You could receive a text, an email or even a phone call from these criminals pretending to be from the HMRC in the hope of capturing your bank details or persuading you to share your information over a phone call. Next thing you know your bank account is empty.

The calls, texts and emails are extremely realistic. Please be aware the HMRC will never send an email or a text asking you for your HMRC log in details or your bank details. They will also never send anything telling you to expect a rebate. Ever. So if in doubt be cautious and don’t reply or hang up the phone.

Do not give out sensitive information about bank details or log in details via any email or text claiming to be from the HMRC as they simply will not be asking for them. Fact.  

The HMRC publishes information on the known scams, emails addresses and other activity you need to be aware of on their website. It’s definitely worth a look. You will be shocked at how realistic the emails and texts are as they have published a few pictures. They also publish some of the known email addresses associated with phishing and further information on other known scams.

If you receive something you are unsure of please check it, every single time.

HMRC Scam Information