Logic is the beginning of wisdom … not the end

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We’ll forgive anyone for thinking that as bookkeepers we’re only interested in numbers and in the logic of tracking the money coming into your business to make sure it’s more than the money going out. But it’s just not true!

Take our charity clients for example, we’re really lucky to work with some wonderful charity organisations and look after their bookkeeping. There’s a bit of an art to this because charities have a completely different accounting structure to businesses. Charities are geared towards their beneficiaries, whereas businesses are always focused on profits. This means we have to focus our energies differently to provide tip top service for a charity client compared to, say, a construction client.

We also love to be a part of the team for our charity clients and to hear about the good work they’re doing. Grow Movement work in Uganda, Malawi and Rwanda to support entrepreneurs by matching them with business consultants from around the globe. They work to create jobs and economic growth in Africa, which we think is amazing! It’s fascinating for us to get an insight into how Grow Movement work outside the UK to make a real difference and what inspires them to do it.

Another charity client of ours is the Celia Hammond trust who work to rescue and rehome cats in London and the South East. They also provide low cost treatment for owners who don’t qualify for help from major charities, but still can’t afford veterinary fees for their beloved pets. Again we’re in awe of the work they do and particularly remember their efforts to rescue 187 stray cats from the Olympic Demolition Site back in 2007.

Other charities we work with and whose good work we can’t commend enough are:
Children of Peace, based in Uckfield https://www.childrenofpeace.org.uk/
The Bridge, based in Moulsecoomb, Brighton http://www.thebridgebrighton.com/

We work with our charity clients by training up volunteers to take on some of the data entry and financial record keeping, therefore helping the charity to keep accounting costs down. There are fewer volunteers for finance roles than other tasks, so we help build confidence with training. We also set up financial systems and protocol to allow our clients to comply with the cash handling policies laid down by The Charities Commission.

At the end of the day, bookkeeping is about keeping the organisation on track financially, which affects real people day in and day out. To do the job well is as much about the people and really understanding what they’re trying to achieve as it is about the numbers.

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