Yep, we know that every penny you spend on bookkeeping and accounting is money coming out of your business, so we need to demonstrate to you why it’s worth buying our services. We also know that sound financial data and good financial advice are critical for any business.

So this is our simple guide to how we add value. It doesn’t contain all the details of what methods we use in every different situation. Honestly, we’re here to save you time and we have no interest in blinding you with jargon 😉

  1. We start with your business QUESTIONS:
    • Whatever kind of business you run, you’ll have questions. About your income, about seasonal variations in sales, about your tax, about business growth, about paying staff, about how to save money and more. You may not even know what your questions are yet, but there are always improvements to be made. A good bookkeeper can find out just by chatting things over with you, so this is the first thing we do.
  2. Our job is to find the right TOOLS to get clear answers:
    • We live and breathe financial reporting and making sense of financial data. We can help avoid financial pitfalls, avoid you wasting time looking at unhelpful figures, help you plan ahead and set up systems to get the most out of all the hard work you’re putting in. Be wary of spending hours of your time trying to understand the raw figures on your own. Getting specialist advice will save your time for the areas of the business where you make the biggest impact on the bottom line.
  3. You get the RESULTS in your business:
    • For example more of your time spent with prospective customers closing sales, employees paid correctly and kept happy, better credit control and steady cashflow, knowing when to invest in new equipment or staff, reducing costs and unnecessary expense or creating new growth areas for your business.

We’re always happy to explain the specifics of anything we can see your business needs. If something on the finances is niggling you just give us a call and we can talk it through over the phone or better still, over a coffee.

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