If you’ve read anything about AutoEnrolment then you’ll know it’s purpose is to get employees of all businesses into a workplace pension. This is creating changes for employers of businesses of ANY size, who have new obligations to set up a workplace pension.

What about your easy way into the Workplace Pension – with deadlines coming up fast and worries about costs to small businesses, how can you as an employer figure out what you need to do?

Our very own Lisa Walkden gave a radio interview on the subject with Chris Hart of AE Simplicity to give you an easy overview of what you, as an employer, need to know. ┬áRather than try and read through the 600+ pages of guidance from The Pensions Regulator, try having a listen. It’ll only take 20 minutes.

A huge thanks to Gary King of Uckfield FM for having us on the show.

If you’re confused (and believe us, it is confusing) then why not pick up the phone and see if we can help with our specialised payroll & AE packages?

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