Congratulations to our fantastic ladies Jo and Claire who ran the London 10K on Sunday to raise money for their chosen charity, Children of Peace. The charity’s aim is to build relationships between Israeli and Palestinian children with the aim of future generations living together in peace – now that is a purpose worth getting up off the sofa to support. We’re so proud that our lovely colleagues were prepared to do the training, gather sponsorships and race around London!

COP London 10k 2016

Jo Carpenter has been with Team4 as a trainee bookkeeper for 6 months and she chose to train to run a 10K with the boss (Claire Packham) to raise money for Children of Peace. If you’ve ever wondered what makes a bookkeeper tick, finding out what one does with her spare time is a good place to start …

Why running and why this particular race?

Jo has been dipping in and out of running for a few years now and run the Race for Life a few times. After a health scare a couple of months ago she has been really spurred on to take better care of herself healthwise. Since hearing all is fine, Jo wants to keep up the healthy habits and training for a race is a really good way to focus. She says she loves a challenge and a 10K in aid of a good cause gave her a reason to stick to a training plan and a way to push herself.

Being London born and raised, racing around the London landmarks gave Jo that bit of extra motivation. Jo’s Mum used to take her to all the markets in North London and though Jo now lives down in the South, she loves being back up in London.

What kind of work is the sponsorship money supporting?

The fact that Children of Peace starts with children means a lot to Jo. The Israel based charity aims to get children of different religions and cultures to build relationships now to help avoid further conflict in the future. The charity’s vision is huge and we’re really proud that our staff are supporting them. Last year’s Children of Peace running team raised funds for the Seaside Project, to take a group of 60 unwell and disadvantaged Palestinian children for day trip by the sea in Israel.

Our Director, Claire, is a trustee for Children of Peace, so we have a link with the charity already and Jo loves the fact that they improve the lives of children, both now and for the future.

A huge big thank you to all who sponsored Jo and Claire and of course another huge congratulations to our wonderfully athletic bookkeepers! We hope they enjoyed a well earned rest on Sunday evening.

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