Most professions have their own professional membership body and bookkeeping is no exception. When you hand over your financial record keeping, how do know you’re hiring a trained professional who will do the job you’re paying them to do? The smart choice is to see if the company is a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. Membership with the ICB requires a certain level of qualification and adherence to the Institute’s code of ethics, ensuring you as a client get what you pay for.

The East Sussex Branch of the ICB

Naturally then, Team4 are members of the ICB with our Director, Claire, as a Fellow of the Institute (hence why she has the letters FICB after her name). Claire also chairs the East Sussex Branch of the ICB, a group of 20-30 ICB member bookkeepers who meet once a month.

Team4 Solutions are proud to be a part of the East Sussex ICB branch and you may wonder what on earth happens when a group of bookkeepers get together. Is the conversation very dull and dry? Do they talk about numbers all evening?

Networking and Professional Support

We know the stereotype for financial professionals isn’t wildly flattering, but Claire and her team prove it isn’t always reality. The East Sussex ICB meetings are a lively and buzzy affair, with chatter over a fish supper and a different guest speaker every month. You may think that bookkeepers will ALWAYS know the answers to obscure financial matters. A good bookkeeper will certainly always advise their clients accurately. Truth is though, even bookkeepers benefit from swapping knowledge and chatting out difficult problems. Yep, they’re as human as any other employee or business owner!

… and we’re award winning!

Yes – in 2014 the East Sussex Branch won Branch of the Year! In the photograph below you can see Claire, Lisa & Caroline from Team4 along with a number of other members. Don’t we look proud of ourselves?

ICB awards

The awards are presented at the end of the annual ICB summit, held in November. Wish us luck for 2016!

Of course, it isn’t only about winning awards. What makes our local ICB branch so important to us is the networking and training opportunities the group organises. In order to make sure we can always give our clients the best bookkeeping service, we at Team4 know it’s critical to keep our professional knowledge up to date. Our job is to be there with accurate advice for you on complex financial record keeping. That’s why we value networking and membership of the Institute so highly.

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