As we all get used to a new way of working, Team 4 has been putting all the needed measures in place to make sure that our team can return to the office safely.

Photo by Irina Ba on Unsplash

Safety First

After a thorough risk assessment, we are pleased to finally be able to see our colleagues’ smiling faces as we tackle and address the COVID-19 safety requirements. We have equipment for the team to use, including personal hand sanitiser, face masks, anti-bacterial wipes, and new tape to help mark out social distancing lines on the floors.

Each team member has their own desk and we even have a special designated handover area for when we need to get files and documents across to each other! With everyone washing their hands before they come into the office and cleaning rotas to keep all the common areas safe, we are confident that our team members can comfortably come back to the office on a rota basis, to keep Occupancy numbers at a safe level.   

Virtual Meetings

Even though the office is back up and running, we are still holding most of our meetings online, via Zoom. Staff meetings, client meetings and even quiz nights are hosted virtually, so that we can all keep in touch and make sure that Team 4 are continuously keeping on top of our client’s financial admin.

And for those clients who still want to see us face to face, we have a designated meeting area where social distancing can be applied to make sure everyone is comfortable.

Technology is Definitely Our Friend

Working remotely hasn’t been a huge leap for Team 4, as we already had team members working at home or on site for our clients. This has been aided by the advancements of software such as Xero and Quickbooks. We are certified advisors for both of these great products, and we are always open to learning about the new features so that we can advise our clients, keeping everyone productive and efficient!

Looking Ahead

None of us know how long we will be following social distancing, and we don’t know what the future will look like. Team 4 will continue to support our clients, from furlough grant applications to daily bookkeeping. We will keep you up to date in weekly meetings, with our brilliant guest panel (just ask for an invite if you’re not on our list already!)

Get in Touch

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