Workplace pension: Don’t Ignore It (and don’t panic either!)

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Do you own a small business or look after payroll or HR for one? If yes, have your got your plan for automatic enrolment well underway? Most small businesses with a PAYE payroll running before 2012 will be staging by April 2017. That is only about 3 months away and there are hefty charges for non compliance, starting with flat rate fines and going up to a per day penalty.

What about employees of small businesses? They’ll expect bosses to let them know what the workplace pension is and how it is operating in your company, yet another thing to go on your to do list.

Don’t panic! Help is at hand …

If you’ve not got on top of the Workplace Pension for your company, don’t fear. If you’re a newer business (established since 2012) you should have a bit longer to get everything sorted.

Even if your staging date is coming up soon, help is still available! We’re running a free Workplace Pensions seminar at our offices in Uckfield in February. You can get some free help to figure out how to manage pension scheme costs and a clear view on the main choices you need to make for your business.

Get the help you need to keep everything running smoothly

If you know you’ll need ongoing help we can also seamlessly integrate monthly auto-enrolment duties as part of our payroll packages, so please do come along if you want to find out more or have questions.

Join us for the seminar to find more over a cup of tea or coffee and get some friendly, clear advice.

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